A dip in the colour
POP! An innovative project for the global above-ground pools market. The result of unmistakable Italian design. POP! is designed to immerse oneself in a colourful dream as cheerful as Alice in Wonderland. The soft rounded curves, the liveliness of the form and the nuances fairytale names evoke a cartoon and give the garden a touch of vivacity and freshness.

Warranty 5 years (2 years on accessories)
Size (m)
Size (m)
Water Depth
/ Structure Height
242.80 x 4.003.84 x 5.043.60 x 4.8013.51.20 m / 1.25 m
252.80 x 5.303.84 x 6.343.60 x 6.10171.20 m / 1.25 m
262.80 x 6.603.84 x 7.643.60 x 7.4021.51.20 m / 1.25 m
272.80 x 7.803.84 x 8.843.60 x 8.60251.20 m / 1.25 m
454.00 x 5.305.04 x 6.344.80 x 6.1024.51.20 m / 1.25 m
464.00 x 6.605.04 x 7.644.80 x 7.4030.51.20 m / 1.25 m
474.00 x 7.805.04 x 8.844.80 x 8.60361.20 m / 1.25 m
494.00 x 9.005.04 x 104.80 x 9.8041.51.20 m / 1.25 m
5105.30 x 10.256.34 x 11.296.10 x 11.0562.51.20 m / 1.25 m
5115.30 x 11.506.34 x 12.546.10 x 12.30701.20 m / 1.25 m
6126.60 x 12.707.54 x 13.647.40 x 13.5096.51.20 m / 1.25 m
02.80 x 4.003.64 x 4.843.40 x 4.6010.51.00m / 1.05m
12.80 x 5.303.64 x 6.143.40 x 5.90141.00m / 1.05m
22.80 x 6.603.64 x 7.443.40 x 7.2017.51.00m / 1.05m
POP is available in a range of colours: Caterpillar Green, Butterfly Lilac, Sea Sand, Ladybird Red, Turquoise Blue, Star White and Laghetto Blue.

The liners used on POP! pools are made exclusive fabric Trevira® coated. This resilient material is subsequently anti-UV treated, thanks to the use of special additives that slow the aging of the material.
The cloth is resistant to traction on POP! 430 Kg / cm 5. according to DIN 53354.
POP! is available in six colors and fashion is characterized by the new labeling color red.

POP! Foot Support

POP Safety Ladder

The swimming pool skimmer is attached to the wall of the pool and has a floating head that adjusts to water level, its water intake of 360 degrees allows for the most thorough cleaning of the water, with superior performance to side on skimmer intake. Inside it has a pre-filter basket (sand and cartridge filter) or a microfibre filter bag (Boa Filtration). The movement of the floating head allows greater flexibility in the depth of the water level, this avoids air being drawn into the pump as the water level drops. It's also equipped with a suction relief valve for the safety of all swimmers.

The technical partnership between Piscine Laghetto and Astral Pool introduces the side-valve 6, 10 and 15 mc/h sand filters in all swimming pool kits. 

Every Dolcevita, no matter what size, comes standard with Laghetto LED  lights. These LED lights have a peerless luminous efficiency, very low power consumption (less than 8 W) and an unmatched durability.