The revolutionary technology of the Laghetto team responded with creative insight to the demand for an ever closer to the image of Italian design for the garden furniture. Dolcevita reinterprets the concept of ground pool, putting it in the contemporary house, with harmony and style.

Dolcevita is presented in a collection of three different models: Diva, Rattan and Woody , in which the materials used are of the highest quality and guaranteed.

The pools Dolcevita are equipped with a recirculation system and adequate water filtration at the best standard. The system Dolcevita allows great versatility: it is assembled and disassembled in no time and can be used even in areas where only the use of temporary structures for seasonal use are allowed.

Dolcevita is the system that gives maximum freedom of choice, from aesthetics to the materials used, up to the type of installation.

Finishes Available:
Diva Wicker exterior pannels on aluminum frame.
Rattan Wicker exterior pannels on aluminum frame. Eco-wood top edge.
Woody External Pannels made of wood treated for outdoor use. Eco-wood top edge.

ModelWater SizeSize on the GroundWater Depth / Structure HeightCubic Meters
242.00 x 4.00 m2.40 x 4.40 m1.20 m / 1.30 m9.6 m3
252.00 x 5.00 m2.40 x 5.40 m1.20 m / 1.30 m12.0 m3
353.00 x 5.00 m3.40 x 5.40 m1.20 m / 1.30 m18.0 m3
363.00 x 6.00 m3.40 x 6.40 m1.20 m / 1.30 m21.6 m3
373.00 x 7.00 m3.40 x 7.40 m1.20 m / 1.30 m25.2 m3
484.00 x 8.00 m4.40 x 8.40 m1.20 m / 1.30 m38.4 m3
494.00 x 9.00 m4.40 x 9.40 m1.20 m / 1.30 m43.2 m3
5105.00 x 10.00 m5.40 x 10.40 m1.20 m / 1.30 m60.0 m3

Note: You can also have different sizes than those shown in the table, for a maximum total perimeter of 30 meters.


Hot galvanized coated steel and stainless steel feet.
Hot galvanized coated steel.
Anti-slip stainless steel.
The liners used on Dolce Vita pools are made exclusive fabric Trevira® coated. This resilient material is subsequently anti-UV treated, thanks to the use of special additives that slow the aging of the material.
The cloth is resistant to traction on Dolce Vita Country 430 Kg / cm 5. according to DIN 53354.
Pool Liner available colors: White, Beige, Dark Blue or Green .
Optional on the Dolce Vita Country is WOOD COMPOSITE BOARD COPING a plastic "wood", environmentally friendly and aesthetically similar the natural material, requires no maintenance operation after installation.
The most advanced ladder for above ground swimming pools, meets the strictest safety standards in the U.S. The pool saftey ladder attaches directly the structure, making it absolutely stable. The exterior can be raised to prevent children from entering the pool in times when you can not supervise them. Now also available with the kit, steel steps.
The paneling in synthetic fiber is woven a very practical solution (practically zero maintenance) and aesthetically very successful. The panel in synthetic fiber rattan Viro® can then also match the Dolce Vita outdoor furniture range, to create an external space that's truly unique.
The "Woody" wood latice panels are made in a very dense crossover design to prevent your children climbing in by themselves, and at the same time give the pool a more elegant and refined look. The panels is made from strips of wood crossed at 2.5cm and are complemented by a green shade net fixed on the back.

DOLCE VITA pool can also be equipped with a vacuum kit for cleaning the bottom, with a length of vacuum hose according to the size of the pool and the number of skimmers installed. Among the available accessories you will find our range of covers for summer and winter, LED pool lights and a salt chlorination system.