Custom 150 -  Exceeds your expectations!

Above ground pools reach their maximum depth with the Custom 150 model. This was introduced a number of years ago now in order to satisfy all those who want to have a greater depth to their pool. This height of the water body is particularly used in special applications, such as events, sports demonstrations, fairs, etc. The highest level and top quality is available to all who want that little bit extra. Please contact us for full details and Size availability.

The Polyester PVC fabric with high water resistance is tested to withstand the tensile tests, according to DIN 53354 (250 -430 kg every 5 cm, depending on the model for both the pool liner and the white border). The fabric is then treated for resist the harmful effects of UV rays for maximum durability.

The swimming pool skimmer is attached to the wall of the pool and has a floating head that adjusts to water level, its water intake of 360 degrees allows for the most thorough cleaning of the water, with superior performance to side on skimmer intake. Inside it has a pre-filter basket (sand and cartridge filter) or a microfibre filter bag (Boa Filtration). The movement of the floating head allows greater flexibility in the depth of the water level, this avoids air being drawn into the pump as the water level drops. It's also equipped with a suction relief valve for the safety of all swimmers.