Laghetto has a range of Accessories for your Pool

(a selection are shown here)

LED spotlights
laghetto produces spotlights using the newest SMD LED technology, which combine a great light output and unmatched durability with very low power consumption. We have a new range of headlights and spotlights called White Pool Ghost with interchangeable covers (white or transparent).
Filtration systems
A complete line of pool cleaners and sand filters in all sizes recommended for any type of Pool, the exclusive and very practical stocking systems (Boa and D-Pur), which works as a backpack cartridge. We cover all options for filtering water in your swimming pool.
Vacuum point Kit
All kits come with swimming pool vacuum points for cleaning the bottom of the pool. Each pool vacuum point system consists of modular aluminum handles, float tube and brush hood. The coupling plate to the skimmer must be added because it is linked to the type of filtration system used.
Ladders for above ground pools by Laghetto. The unique folding stairs, the most advanced ladders for above ground pools comply with the strictest safety standards in the USA. We have removable ladders suitable for all above ground pools of different depths.
Sole Plates
An exclusive accessory for above-ground swimming pond. The insoles are ideal for mounting your pool even on unpaved surfaces. The insole plates should be placed under each foot of the pool at the time of installation.
Ground sheets for Above ground Pools
Polythene sheeting white / black to be placed under the pool, for a correct installation and retention of the bottom of the liner of the pool over time. Available for all models.
Salt Pool Chlorinator
Natu-Chlor Salt electrolysis systems. Easy to use, one button allows you to adjust the chlorine production depending on the volume of the pool and the number of users. With electrolytic cell self-cleaning with 3 titanium plates. Natu-Chlor also has a boost function for the chlorination of water.

Filter Bags